About Us

Premier Agent Aims to Help Kenyans find the perfect real estate investment.

Here at Premier Agent, our mission is to help people find the perfect real estate investment.This mission is about more than just a house or land to buy. It’s about bringing the real estate Community together. It’s about connecting people with great real estate agents, It’s about building an ecosystem of the best real estate players. And that is why we are here.

Hundreds of thousands of land and houses for sale across Kenya

The Premier Agent platform brings together one of Kenya’s largest marketplaces of real estate to buy or sell land and homes. Hundreds of thousands of properties are accessible every day through our website. We give you an opportunity to see the properties in an interactive map.


Not just homes, but also real estate agents reviews and community discussions.

We are providing opportunites to real estate agents to showcase their expertise, rating and reviews so that the best real estate agents can stand out. Real estate agents in Kenya can now have a great digital footprint for FREE. As a buyer, ask your agent for a link to their profile so that you know that you are working with one of the best real estate agents in Kenya. You can get details about what Kenyan real estate agents have sold before, how they have been rated by other clients to help you make the best decision.


Made, Maintained in Kenya by Kenyans for Kenyans.

Premier Agent is a platform developed by Kenyans for Kenyans. We bring together a team of passionate developers, real estate agents to ensure that better solutions are availed for the industry. So go ahead and Register or Login to continue in your real estate journey with the best support available.